Hello, we are Chris + Lauren.

Simply put - we love, love

We are NOT in a relationship - though we bicker like a married couple.

We met in June 2019, working alongside one another with the camera. Our own business venture started in early 2021 and here we are ...


Chris' photography journey started in 2009 at a local newspaper, surprising even himself when his portfolio of statues found lying around his backyard got him over the line for the role. Learning much over the next decade, Chris implements a photojournalist approach in every photo he takes. Years of city life in Melbourne allowed Chris to shoot in many fields: fashion, music, and portraits to name a few, before family life returned him to Hamilton, Vic. In a come-full-circle experience, Chris returned to the newspaper world 10 years later in June 2019 (where he met Lauren, hence the name) and their partnership was cemented.


With similar roots, the same cadetship was offered to Lauren 10 years after Chris'. With a long-time love of being behind the lens, this was the perfect opportunity for Lauren to turn her passion into a career. In 2019 Chris became Lauren's mentor at the paper and his unbridled enthusiasm for the gig seeped into Lauren's routine and her repertoire exploded. Seeing the potential, Chris approached Lauren about starting their own business venture, and though overwhelmed, she didn't think twice. We Met In June is the best way for Lauren to step out of her comfort zone.

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Based in South-West Victoria but we love a road trip and travel Australia wide.

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